goyderCONNECT provides Wireless Internet Services to residential and business customers in selected areas of the Regional Council of Goyder & beyond under a reseller agreement with Wan Solutions Pty Ltd.

Support Hours

8:30am – 6pm Mon-Fri

Setup Fees

If topographical or onsite survey has confirmed LOS (Line of Sight) access to a goyderCONNECT Node an installation can take place.Setup fees are listed below

Location Class Distance to Tower** Installation Cost
A 0-5km $299
B 5-10km $399
C 10-20km $499
**Note the distance to tower is not the only factor in deciding which install class a premises may be and may be subject to change. This will be confirmed with you prior to installation.

If a complex installation is required, e.g. we need to install a larger than normal antenna, roof mast or additional data outlets etc. This work will be charged on top of the above setup fees. A total install price will be confirmed and agreed to prior to the installation taking place. All plans also include a FREE WiFi router for your premises.


Plan Speed Included Data Monthly Charge Total Minimum Cost for 12 Month Contract PLUS Applicable Installation Charge
Early Cancellation Fee Price per GB
15/2Mbps 30GB $39 $468 $450 $1.30
15/2Mbps 50GB $49 $588 $450 $0.98
15/2Mbps 100GB $59 $708 $450 $0.59
15/2Mbps 300GB $69 $828 $450 $0.23
15/2Mbps 500GB $79 $948 $450 $0.16
15/2Mbps 800GB $89 $1068 $450 $0.11
15/2Mbps 1000GB $99 $1188 $450 $0.10
15/2Mbps 1500GB $109 $1308 $450 $0.07
30/5Mbps 30GB $49 $588 $450 $1.63
30/5Mbps 50GB $59 $708 $450 $1.18
30/5Mbps 100GB $69 $828 $450 $0.69
30/5Mbps 300GB $79 $948 $450 $0.26
30/5Mbps 500GB $89 $1068 $450 $0.18
30/5Mbps 800GB $99 $948 $450 $0.26
30/5Mbps 1000GB $109 $1308 $450 $0.11
30/5Mbps 1500GB $119 $1428 $450 $0.08
15/2Mbps UNLIMITED $79 $948 $450 N/A
30/5Mbps UNLIMITED $89 $1068 $450 N/A



Before installation is to occur we must obtain signed consent from the property owner.

A standard 240v power outlet will be required near your goyderCONNECT NTU (Network Termination Unit). If this is not available we can organise this for you at an additional cost.

Billing period will start from the day of service commission and continue on a monthly rotation until the service is cancelled.

All monthly plan fees are charged in advance in accordance with normal industry practices. Usage-based charges such as excess data or plan upgrades are charged in arrears

Your first invoice is issued on the day of the install and includes your installation and first months service in advance plus any extras ordered as part of your service. This invoice is due and payable immediately upon issue. Ongoing invoices are issued automatically on your anniversary date and are due and payable 7 days from issue date. The only method of payment we accept is debit card or credit card via our automated system. If your payment fails three times your service may be automatically suspended and a $10 administration fee will be charged to reinstate the service once your account has been brought back into terms.

If you are unable to pay your account on time for any reason it is important that you contact with us to make alternative arrangements as soon as possible. We understand life has a way of throwing up roadblocks and we will work with you to make sure that your service can stay connected.

Plan Changes – you are free to change up or down plans at any time throughout your contract.

How large is the antenna on my roof going to be? The antennas used to service your premises can range from 30cm to 60cm in diameter. The general installation size is 40cm. We will always mount the antenna in an as hidden location as possible.

What happens if I exceed my downloads? If you exceed your plan limits your service will be shaped to 512/512kbps. If you would like to upgrade your plan please contact us. Uploads AND downloads are counted as part of your usage.

Is a phone line required? No - you do not need a phone line to use our service.

Do you provide a static IP? Yes - A static IP is supplied as part of each connection.

Metadata Retention

As Wan Solutions Pty Ltd is a licensed communications carrier they are required to keep certain data retaining to your Internet connection. This has been recently enforced by the Federal Government. If you would like further information please refer to – https://www.tio.com.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/188753/INDUSTRY-FAQs-V1.1-JULY-2015.pdf


If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving please contact us immediately on 1300 789 355 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are not satisfied with the response you have received or your service has not improved please feel free to contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) on 1800 062 058.

Updated 18/1/2024